With Corona and the lockdown being announced in different parts of the world, the online casino and games have experienced an increase since most people are looking for means to keep themselves busy.

Online casinos are providing players with different types of games that they can have access to 24/7. Over the years, people have been arguing about the top games that players can have access to. The truth is, each game has its own rules, strategies and some even give people the opportunity of making money online.

For new players who want to enjoy online games, here are the top games to search from situs judi online qq.


Roulette is one of the most searched and played online casino games at situs judi online qq. The game gives players the chance of making money while gambling. Before playing any of this game, it is important to read its rules and regulations. The rules and regulations will serve as the best guide to winning.

Most online casinos always provide the best high-quality content and graphics to enable players to have a seamless gaming experience. Though it is considered a game of luck, it is one of the games every new online gamer should try out. 

In roulette, payers can choose to place their bets on single numbers or a group of numbers, using the colors red or black, determining if it will be black or red, high or low, and odd or even.


Craps is a casino game that is all about predicting the outcome of rolling two dice. It is a popular game that has been in existence for several years. Many people consider crap games to be difficult but the key is to learn the different types of bets the game offers. The game needs calculative steps and strategic thinking.


Blackjack is another popular online casino game which most people love to play. It is a card game and loved by many because it gives players an opportunity of playing directly against each other.

For anyone seeking to play blackjack, it is important to be focused, patient, and strategic. The game can accommodate up to 7 players who can play at the same time.


Most people consider bingo to be one of the easiest to play casino games because it requires little or no strategy. Most people play this game all the time because it is an amazing way to make money from playing casino games.

Though easy, it is a game of chance that allows each player to match different printed numbers. The player is required to randomly draw these cards and when they successfully arrange these cards in a row, they win. 


Amongst the other popular games is Keno which is one of the oldest casino games. In this game, players bet by selecting numbers between 1 to 80. Players can place their bets for 20 numbers which are drawn randomly, using either a ball machine like those used for lotteries or a random number generator.


Gambling aids in providing players with great fun, excitement, and pleasure to different people. The casino games can be played for fun or money purposes. To succeed in any of these games, new players have to learn the rules and come up with a good strategy.