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You Tube’s Redneck Star

Sometimes something is so damn funny, so damn outrageous you just have to share it.  I came across this good ol’ boy courtesy of Deadspin when they ran his video after Alabama beat Tennessee.  I laughed so hard I cried. ...

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We Want Beer!!

New York Jets fans chanted at half time “We want beer!!” because the team had decided to ban the sale of the frosty brew at the teams season finale against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The beer ban was not...

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You Got Punk’d

An Ohio high school student was suspended and banned from extracurricular activities for one semester because of a prank. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this knows of or may have partaken in a great high school prank of...

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This Is Just Wrong!!!

I received an email from a friend that contained something which I think is just plainly wrong. Of course I have decided to share it here. Why in God’s name would you ever do this to your cat? What would possess you to...

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King of Crappers

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved one? Well if so, this toilet is for you. It is being given away by Roto-Rooter in their “Pimped Out John” Sweepstakes. This crapper is valued at...

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