Cowboy in Tennessee 1979

Sometimes something is so damn funny, so damn outrageous you just have to share it.  I came across this good ol’ boy courtesy of Deadspin when they ran his video after Alabama beat Tennessee.  I laughed so hard I cried. 

Well it turns out that this You Tube sensation is a man of many beliefs.  Among those are Alabama football, breasts, Jim Beam and Keystone Light.  When you check out his page you will find he opines on things like President-elect Obama, of course the Crimson Tide, Beer Drinkers United, Wal-Mart, his dislike of Kenny Chesney and he even talks about how a package came today, which turns out to be a couple of 1/5th’s of JB.  The guy even videotaped himself listening to a radio interview he did with a station in Alabama.  There is no truth to the rumor that this is Pat Summitt with no make up.

But wait it gets better.  He is married…uh huh ladies that man is T-A-K-E-N, taken.  I’m sorry I know how heartbroke you must all be.  His lovely lady also has a herself a You Tube account in which she talks about her life with the Cowboy, how she is shy on video and has never really been on video, which I mean Ifind hard to believe because I can swear I saw her on You Porn.  But seems Mrs. Cowboy fancies herself as quite the karoke artist bringing us her own renditions of country classics like Jackson (a duet with Cowboy..who has his own music videos too), Coal Miners Daughter, My Favorite Mistake and Whoever’s in New England.   I know a guy in A&R at Curb maybe I can get her signed…not.

When you need something to break up a dull day, you need a laugh then you need to check out the Cowboy.  Granted it looks like he shoots his videos with a 1995 cell phone but as near as I can tell he and his wifey are 100% real.  Yes there are really people like this in America and remember he would have voted for Obama if he voted but Barack didn’t his help.