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Little Update

My apologies for the lack of posting over the past few days. I’ve been really under the weather since last Friday and tried to do what I could, which obviously wasn’t much. Whatever I had came on quick and strong and...

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Falling Behind

I know I've fallen behind on the site and there is a reason why. And no it's not the fact I'm shutting down the site. Here is the link: Health News Password to post is: ian...

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You may have noticed last week that I went “missing” for a few days. And while you may have seen some posts go up from those days, I can tell you they are back dated as I started working back on the site Saturday...

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Pearl Harbor Day 2012

Please take a moment of your day today to remember the people who gave their lives on this day back in 1941 defending our country. If you ever go to Hawaii, I highly advise going over to Pearl Harbor and doing the tour...

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Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that I’ll be without internet or cell phone service starting in just a little while. This means I won’t be able to do the lineup post tonight or any posts tomorrow. I should get back into the...

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Site Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that this weekend will be a light one here at SOX & Dawgs. While I’m hoping to do as much as I can while I’m away for the weekend, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able...

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