You may have noticed last week that I went "missing" for a few days. And while you may have seen some posts go up from those days, I can tell you they are back dated as I started working back on the site Saturday night.

There is a reason why. And I do want to explain because there's going to be times over the coming days and weeks where I may "disappear" again.

First off, I am not looking for sympathy or anything of that nature. I have a pretty loyal following here and some of you I even know personally. After some serious thought, I wanted to let everyone know why.

For now, I am going to keep the details of what is going on private. But I am battling a medical issue which is serious but fixable. When I am ready to let people know what is going on I will do just that. That'll probably happen when I know more myself and what the process is going to be.

While you may say I don't owe anyone an explanation, I felt as though I did.

I appreciate everyone who follows the site whether through an RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, family and friends. And that means a lot to me. Without y'all, SOX & Dawgs wouldn't have become what it is today.

You may have also noticed in the past month or so that I started a footwear category. In the coming weeks, a new site will launch on the Bloguin network called Mo Better Shoes. We are still in the design phase of the site and once that site is live, all of the old footwear posts will go to that site and continue to be posted there. You can follow that site on Twitter @mobettershoes.

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