With brick and mortar locations looking to remain closed for the foreseeable future, many will have to look for a long term switch to online alternatives if they’re looking to place bets – although many events and races are currently cancelled it’s looking as if it may not be too long before some may be able to get underway again, but what unique features are available with the online platforms and apps that are unlikely to be found elsewhere?

Payment Methods – One of the biggest changes, and perhaps benefits that can be found through online alternatives are the wide variety of payment methods that are available. Whilst credit card payments still lead the way as the most popular payment method, the rise and spread of crypto hasn’t slowed and it’s becoming more common that this form of payment is available through online platforms – this serves as an anonymity benefit.

Worldwide Betting – As with payment methods and the anonymity behind betting, an initiative within the UK called Gamstop has gaming operators register in an effort to curb problem gambling but it also means that many of these sites may become inaccessible – this has led to many operators registering outside of the UK and as these sites aren’t on gamstop, the rules are more consumer focused.

24/7 Availability – Of course by moving on to an online platform or application you also open up the availability of full time access – where your brick and mortar store may be closed, the convenience of accessing these services online at any time is always there for whichever your sport or game may be.

Virtual Betting – Not to say that these aren’t available offline, but with the spread of the coronavirus many events are turning to a virtual alternative to keep things going – this has notably been seen within racing and of course the rise in esports, but it may also pave the way for a rise in other favourites to start offering virtual alternatives where possible – with recent cancellations however this is also beginning to be seen more within other areas such as horse racing and the greyhound racing as efforts are taken to make sure that all market areas can be covered where possible.

During the lockdown period whilst the spread of the coronavirus continues, cancellations and postponements are still happening daily and uncertainty around when restrictions may be lifted still occur as fears of a second wave of an infection spreading still loom – with that it may be some time before any return to normalcy is found, and once things do start heading back in that way it’s becoming increasingly certain that social distancing measures and the lack of fan attendance at many locations will be required – this is where the biggest benefit to online betting platforms may be found, technology has allowed for broadcasting and streaming to become much easier and much more streamlined, and combined with the instant access from our mobile devices it may serve as a suitable alternative for the time being.