While it’s true that horse racing has become quite the popular sport for people to bet on in many countries, if you’d like something that runs in the same sort of vein but is also altogether different, then why not check out greyhound racing? The idea is obviously to bet on the greyhounds running round the track, but if you haven’t ever engaged in greyhound betting before, then allow us to provide a few hints and tips for newcomers to the scene.

First though, a few nuggets of information about greyhound racing. To begin with, if you like your action fast and furious, then this is definitely something for you. While horse racing is quick in its own right, greyhound races go by a lot quicker and provide buzzes of excitement in those swift bursts. Furthermore, while both of these sports betting possibilities surround the racing of animals, they come with quite different betting options and markets.

Now, before we move on to that, it’s also necessary to find yourself a competitive and reliable online sportsbook prior to placing any bets. If you’re not already a member of such, then you could try any number of these. Yet, maybe you should check out Sportingbet as a starting point, because this site has plenty for you to check out. Of course, when locating an online sportsbook to join, you should also make sure that it caters to your greyhound betting needs. Otherwise, there’s no point in trying to involve yourself in greyhound betting if it’s not available at your chosen site.

Follow Some Basic Guidelines

As noted, different betting options are available when it comes to wagering on greyhounds. Obviously, the main one is the ‘To Win’ option, while the other primary option is the Each Way Bet. If you opt for the former of these bets, this gives you a straightforward bet to place on the dog that you believe will win the race. With the latter, you’re essentially placing two bets on one and the same greyhound. Half of the total stake is placed on the dog winning while the other half is on it to place in a top position. The amount you receive for the latter if this occurs depends upon various factors, including number of greyhounds running and type of race.

Other bet possibilities include the forecast and tricast, straight forecast, exacta, trifecta and reverse forecast and tricast. Yet, if you’re just starting out, you may want to stick with the basic bets to begin with.

Something to remember is that it’s only worth you betting Each Way if the dog’s odds are long enough to justify such a move. So, if you chose a dog with odds of 4/1, the place part of that Each Way bet would be 1/1 and would end up producing no gain whatsoever and only just cover the bet if the greyhound finished in second place. It’s more or less a better idea to use this type of bet on the outsider dogs (the ones that aren’t expected to win so much). That’s not to say that these dogs never win though, because some bettors have had huge pay-outs from wagering on the outsiders.

As is always the case with any kind of betting, be sure to make smart decisions and take things lightly. Don’t rush in. Don’t make snap gambling decisions. Don’t use more of your bankroll than you can afford to lose. Be sensible!