There are few forms of entertainment that are quite as much fun as sports betting. As one of the most successful industries within the world of gambling, sports betting is followed by hundreds of millions of people across the world every year. Part of the appeal of sports betting is how easy it is to get started, taking no more than a few minutes to register an account with a bookie and begin betting. 

New bettors, however, might find themselves somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer amount of betting options that are available and where they can win real money bonus options. These can range from straightforward money line bets to far more complex and riskier accumulator bets. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest bets around to get going with. 

1. The Straight Bet

This is the bet that tends to be the most popular among the average betting population. The rules of this wager couldn’t be simpler: a bettor takes out money on the individual or team that they believe is going to win the relevant event. Potential winnings for this kind of bet tend to be quite low, but so is the risk, and it makes for the perfect entry into the world of betting. Straight bets are offered by virtually every bookmaker in the world, and while there are some deviations here and there, for the most part this bet is as straightforward as they come. 

2. Total Line Bet

Another extremely popular wager is the total line bet. Here, a set number is given that represents what the total combined score of both teams by the time that the game has come to an end. Then the bettor will wager on the actual score being either over or under the number that was set. This is one of the more popular bets in live betting, where it’s possible to take out the wager halfway through the game when the bettor has a better idea of how the two teams are doing. 

3. Parlay Bets

Here, two or more bets are combined into one to make a single bet with its own adjusted odds depending on what the wagers are that were taken out. 

A parlay bet can be made up of as little as two separate picks in total, but it can become larger, sometimes encompassing the entire set limit of a sportsbooks. The odds in this kind of bet are automatically adjusted depending on the number of picks that have been combined, and can be altered by different information, such as MLB expert picks

Of course, there is more risk involved here, and it’s generally geared toward those bettors that have some experience, but it’s nonetheless a great choice for those that want to try and start winning more money.

Prop, teaser, and head-to-head bets are some of the other common wagers that a bettor can expect to come across. The choice is usually down to their own experience with betting and what kind of money they’re hoping to win.