Best Australian Football League (AFL) Coaches 

Because the success of all 18 AFL clubs depends on their head coaches, predicting their season outcomes for the whole year wasn’t an easy task. For some coaches, the pressure comes from all sides. Hence, whether you are simply a football fan, or a bettor looking for more information and preparing your own AFL Betting Guide, then this article might be helpful. Ranks were derived from data such as victories and losses, game strategy, and how well a team handled the unusual circumstances of the season in 2020.

10. Luke Beveridge

Even though they are yet to defeat a side from their own league, the Western Bulldogs have recently put up some excellent performances. With their two-point win against the Eagles, they have shown that they can go up against the best. Several of Beveridge’s young hires have already shown considerable promise as a consequence of his investment in them. Having gained one of seven spots in 2016, the Gogs were well aware of what it would take to triumph in the 2016 final game. 

9. Nathan Buckley

It’s been a good year for Buckley. The Pies are far from their Grand Final form early in the season due to a slew of injuries and other off-field difficulties. A number of key players, such as Jeremy Howe, Steele Sidebottom, Adam Treloar, and Jordan De Goey, have been sidelined by injuries, which has left the squad in a precarious position. Collingwood’s ball movement hasn’t been as expected thus far this season. Having less success with the ball in their hands has prevented them from having a meaningful influence on the scoreboard. This is aimed towards Buckley. Several of the Pies’ young players have stepped up as the Bucks prepare for their third straight trip to the championships.

8. Stuart Dew 

Gold Coast is improving despite its difficulties and might become a significant finals contender in the future. Despite early signs of promise, the team did not make it to the playoffs this year. The north, on the other hand, is generating something owing to the game-by-game progress of its youthful players. With so much first-round talent on the roster, the Suns have a promising future. The season may be considered a huge success for a team that many predicted would finish last and perhaps go winless.

7. Adam Simpson 

For the 2020 season, the Eagles have a 0-2 record in games played in Queensland’s hub. The hub had a factor in the Eagles’ 0-2 start, Simpson said, but he wouldn’t say how much. When the Eagles returned home, they won their first game and five straight after that. The Eagles are concerned that all of Queensland’s finals will be hosted in Brisbane after Week One. On the basis of their previous history at the Gabba, their finals campaign may conclude earlier than planned. The fact that Simpson is a talented coach is undeniable, but his club has struggled mightily so far this season.

6. Justin Longmuir 

There is no doubt about how much better the Dockers will be thanks to the contributions of Longmuir. The team is now just one win away from reaching the final eight, despite many expecting them to finish in the bottom four. Now that the new coach has implemented his strategy, the squad is playing a different kind of football. In Fremantle’s first season with a new coach, they finished 13th in the standings in 2019. 

5. Bret Ratten

The Saints were quite active and recruited very well in 2019. They had a successful year in 2019. The Saints have benefited this season from the presence of Ratten and other veterans in their lineup. Everyone is excited to see what the team can do because of the structure of “run-and-carry-and-forward.” As a result, Ratten’s hub crew seems to be more united than ever because of their close relationship. With wins against Port Adelaide and Richmond already in the books, the Saints have shown they can go head-to-head with the best.

4. Damian Hardwick 

This season, the two-time champion coach hasn’t been kind to himself. His utterances to the media have been suspect, but that’s to be expected from Dimma. Dimma has a reputation for behaving erratically. His team’s season got off to a rough start due to a slew of injuries. This has resulted in a record of 11-4-4, which places them third in the league. They’re also starting to regain their feet as players return from injury. By keeping to their tried-and-true method, Hardwick has done a great job leading his team in 2020.

3. Chris Fagan 

Brisbane football has been saved from extinction because of Fagan’s brilliant act. Everyone was shocked by the Lions’ performance last year following the title game. Fagan’s Lions are now second in the standings and seem dangerous as the playoffs approach, despite this year’s success. The Lions are big favorites to win the Grand Final, which will be staged at the Gabba in Brisbane. Coach Jim Fagan, a Lions’ fan favorite, deserves recognition for leading his squad to another postseason participation in 2020.

2. Chris Scott 

A lot of people anticipated the Cats to fall from their perch after being one of the most dominant teams in the previous decade. Alternatively, make it to the last eight by a hair’s breadth. Chris Scott was able to revitalize the team without having to rely on Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood, or Gary Ablett Jr. for inspiration. As the club moves up to fourth in the rankings, Cats fans will be ecstatic with the broad variety of contributions and the growth of several budding talents. Everything has happened in only four games at GMHBA Stadium, the only place where this team will be successful. 

1. Ken Hinkley

To everyone’s surprise, Port took up the hub life challenge in 2020 and shocked the soccer world. They’re still in first place with a round to go behind Charlie Dixon, Travis Boak, and Tom Jonas’s progress and the next generation of players’ contributions to Port. Keep in mind that this is a team that few people predicted would reach this far. For a long time, Hinkley has faced criticism, and some have speculated that this may be his last campaign. Hinkley may be able to lead Port to victory, considering how well they are currently performing.