You can definitely put multiple players in this category such as Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray and others. But you are thinking of Mahomes when it comes to Captain the Obvious. They are the quarterback that you play with no matter what, and you never beat, even if it’s a week bye. Okay, so maybe if we say goodbye, it’s safe to take them out and play QB2 for a week. But when they come back, you put them back in the starting line-up and continue playing them. And they rarely let you down. Maybe they’ll disappoint once or twice a season. Patrick Mahomes epitomizes this category.

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Stud: the High-Flyer – Dak Prescott—these playmakers will guarantee you almost 5,000 yards per season. They thrive on offenses that they pass, fit, fold, pass and pass some more – even if they have great runners at their disposal, as Dak Prescott with Zeke Elliott does. Although you can also add guys like Patrick Mahomes to this category. Prescott is the one that jumps on me the most, and there are guys like Drew Brees in that mix as well. They always give you the right fantasy points in the air and also have a complete arsenal in attack. They are people who can never be counted in any game, and their production often goes beyond the charts – Madden NFL production. SportsNation always gets the latest news about fantasy football, which is a favorite for millions of people. 

Stud: The Scrambler – Cam Newton / New England Patriots—Lamar Jackson stands out more than anyone else. But after watching Jackson play in the first week, it makes me believe he could become quarterback on a streak over time. So let’s go with the guy who puts his body at stake every week at Cam Newton.

Newton’s fancy production has been showcasing full screen for longer than you think, while most of us think it’s just now showing up again here in 2020. Nada. Take a look at his 2018 results and you will surely see that Newton has been acting like an elite fantasy quarterback for a while now. Sure, 2019 was an outlier when he missed 15 matches. Never mind, these kinds of things end up happening in sports in any case.  Those playmakers who still count Jackson and a few others in this category, such as Deshaun Watson, still have good weapons. But they are well known for playing with their feet.

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Sleeper: The Comeback Kid – Ben Roethlisberger / Pittsburgh Steelers—Ben is a quarterback who, watching Monday’s game in week one, just knew he was going to play where he left off. This applies to both real life and the world of fantasy football. With that in mind, if you created Ben for your fantasy team, you are one of the fantasy geniuses. And if you pick him up in the weekly fantasy football games; you definitely want to keep an eye on him because something tells me he’s just getting started.