Life is like a game. You are a beginner and need to perform like a pro. Learning is the best way to win the race like the pro. While you are in a pool game, you have to keep yourself busy in learning and practicing. Many of us fall through the path of knowledge. Here in this article, you are about to learn how to improve your pool game. Even all these words will be useful when you apply them on the pool table. 


It’s not very hard to do. Unfortunately, the beginners lag in pool game only for their aiming. It’s all about putting the ball in the drop pockets. You need to find the best angle from where you can succeed. The main thing is to hit the target ball after hitting the white “cue ball” with the cue. 

As an example, assume that you are pocketing one yellow ball with the cue ball. Then imagine that there is a straight line from your cue ball passing through to the pocket. Now, put the yellow ball between the pocket and cue ball in that line. Hit the cue ball on its center remaining straight to the line. The cue ball will directly force the yellow ball to the pocket. Change the position and do the same thing. This time, cue ball will touch on the edge of the yellow one and go to different position. Practice like these, and then you will be able to aim well. However, this method is called “ghost method.” 

Gripping the Cue

Practicing the grip can help you a lot. You should not grip the cue too tightly. Maybe it sounds odd first. However, holding the cue lightly and loosely can increase the perfection to aim the target. 

Holding the cue tightly can raise the back end (closest to your body) of the cue while shooting. The cue ball may fly off the table doing so. Grip the cue so lightly that there remains a distance within your palm and the cue

Setting Up Your Stance:

Let’s talk about how you should stand near the table and what your stance will be. Gesture and posture should be supportive to your aiming. What the pros do is they bend their two legs whereas other players bend one leg with their chin straight over the cue. 

Some others who own special kind of posturing, keep one foot one step in front and the rest one keep behind. This positioning helps to stay firm while stoking. You should waive your hip like them that makes sure to swing the cue naturally. 

Start working on the pendulum swing. Avoid the movement of the upper hand too much while holding the cue lightly. Think both arms as the two sides of the pendulum. Keep your upper hand still and even. Then work on the lower hand. Swing your lower hand slowly to the backswing and move a bit faster while hitting the cue ball. Keep your shooting hand below the elbow. Then practice the whole process for the improvement of reaching the target. 


Even if you are good at posturing and stance, you need to be good at bridges. Open and close; these are two types of bridges for most of the shots. 

You shoot harder including an increased spin on the cue ball in closed bridge. Generally, advanced or experienced players love this bridge. On the other hand, shooting with lower spins happens in open bridge. 

In open bridge, you need to keep your bridge hand steadily on the table. Then it would be best if you cupped your hand. Now, press the thumb against the forefinger. It will form “V” like shape. Then place your cue on the “V”. There is an option to raise or lower the bridge. If you increase the “V” towards you, it will raise the bridge. Doing the opposite thing reduces the bridge. 

There are more bridges available in the pool game. These are rail bridge, over the ball bridge, etc. 


Confidence, practice, and perseverance are the keys to improve your pool game. It would help if you kept yourself dedicated to your goal. It’s nothing like you can be a pro in a day. You should follow all the tricks thoroughly. Know your cue and cue ball first. Don’t forget to chalk the cue before you shot the ball.