2018 has been a crazy year for the NBA, and nobody would’ve expected things to play out the way they did. I mean, who would’ve thought that the Nuggets would be sitting on top of the division, let alone surpass the Warriors. Player mobility has also been the name of the game this season, with players like Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler having a huge and direct impact on their teams. And none would’ve expected the race to be so tight in the west with only eight wins separating the number 1 and 11th positions. 2019 is set to be no different, and we can expect plenty of fireworks before the series start. Here are some of our bold predictions for 2019.

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Anthony Davis will be Traded Before the Deadline

This is a scenario a lot of people were skeptical about, but one that seems to be materializing right before our eyes. After all, why would the Pelicans trade away their only star? Well, it’s becoming clearer every day that Davis is getting frustrated with the state of affairs in New Orleans and would probably prefer spending his prime years playing for a competitive franchise.

And since he’s only a year off from becoming a free agent, now would be the time to trade while they could still get something for him. Not to mention that he just signed with Rich Paul, who just happens to be Lebron James’s agent, and he also recently bought a home in LA. All signs point to him going to the Lakers, who not only have the cap space to handle his contract but some interesting pieces the Pelicans could use right now.

If it were to happen, the Lakers could instantly become contenders and completely change online sports betting odds as a result. A team with Davis, James, Rondo and a rising Lonzo Ball would give fits to any top team in the league and could even make them favorites over the struggling Warriors by year’s end.

The Raptors will Win their First Titles

The Raptors have been neglected ever since they’ve been in the league and have been dismissed as a good season, but a poor playoff team. However, things could change with the stability a former champion and finals MVP like Kawhi Leonard can bring to a team. Masai Ujiri’s gamble paid off, and Leonard is integrating perfectly into Nick Nurse’s system. They’re now second only to the Bucks in the Eastern Conference but have two wins over them. But they are still clear favorites to win the East this year, and if the Warriors don’t get it together by the playoffs, we could easily see the Raptors winning a 7-game series against them.

The Kings will make the Playoffs

Nobody in the league could predict that De’Aaron Fox would have this kind of year this year, and he’s making everyone who overlooked him in last year’s draft regret their decision. Fox is having a stellar second year this season, averaging 18.1 points per game off of 7.6 assists. But what’s most impressive is his 3-point shooting percentage, which shot up to 38.9% from 34.2% last season.


We hope some of these predictions will come true this season and we’re looking forward to even more excitement by the start of postseason.