Taking out trice of time from your preoccupied schedules? Never let it go in vain, for vacations are meant to assuage the pain. We often look for the best vacation destinations but fail to arrive on a cessation that both your pocket and heart would agree upon. Confusing much? we understand your concern. Talking of international destinations, it really is, indeed, very perplex to come to judgments and look for the destinations that serve you a purpose with your mindset of spending limited or extravagantly, as and how you wish to.

Undoubtedly, America, South Africa and Europe, always top the lists of international tour destinations that one would look forward to visit. But adding to out painful awakening, one cannot opt into moving throughout these countries or continents. Here, we bring to you commendable options to visit, pertaining to the aforementioned places.

Scrutinizing and juggling amidst the best of both worlds under the head of this vacation plan, it has been really doughty to choose one from each- tougher than what one would preach.

The three places Prague, New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro will undoubtedly put you in wonderment of the beauty and richness of culture that they hold since times; history is evident.

1. Prague

The foremost recourse, Prague (Europe), is a pleasant to visit and lovely to live city. Famous substantially for its architecture and beer, Prague doesn’t upset any foodie ever. Prague is known for its specialty in Czech food- potato soup, traditional roast pork and fruit dumplings. OH! Already drooling over these. One must undoubtedly opt to try these when visiting the city of Prague in European continent. It is the capital and the largest city in Czech Republic- yet another reason to not miss visiting it. This, also being regarded as Europe’s one of the most charming, captivating and alluring cities, must not be overlooked if you are aiming for a vacation in Europe. You can drive to Prague via Limousine and make your vacations memorable.

2. New Orleans   

Located along the renowned river of Mississippi, known for its eternal beauty, the consolidated city of New Orleans is the best destination to vacation at if you aim for frolic, parties and rich culture. Be it round the clock Nightlife or high of the festive and embodiment of frolic spirits during the later winter carnival- this Louisiana city never fails to amaze even the most energetic souls coming over to it. This city in the Los Angeles (United States of America) blesses the visitors with plentiful live music clubs, Garden district to beautify your random strolls and National WWII museum for the historic nerds. A must visit place if nightlife is your craze.

3 .Rio de Jeneiro

Next, bringing in awe, comes the city of Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil, this seaside city speaks of its own- high and true! Possessing immensely beautified white sandy beaches, soaring and high mountains with picturesque harbor, it is also referred to as the marvelous city. It has the second largest economy in Brazil; partially coming from the immense tourist attractions that it possesses effortlessly. Christ de Redeemer, the foremost attraction which comes in one’s mind while talking of this place, is an iconic piece of art in itself. Others that follow this serene location are the Corcovado (a set of beautifully and naturally sculpted landmark mountains which give a panorama studded view), the prainha beach, Maracana stadium and Copacabana.

Rio de Janeiro is unquestionably the best and most voted to be visited destination in Brazil.

We have seen the 3 best destinations around the world, where you can spend your Vacation and make it a lifetime memory.

Happy Vacation!