The exchange of four Red Sox players for Chris Sale has rocked the baseball world.  With this move, Sale will lead the top of  the Red Sox’s rotation next season. Dave Dombrowski saw an opportunity to add depth to the Red Sox pitching lineup and didn’t look back.  Boston now features a potentially dominant pitching lineup, and the team’s odds are already improving on the best MLB betting sites.

Sale has improved the level of his game and is currently the 12th best-ranked pitcher in Major League Baseball. The strategy of Sale was not considered very reliable, but with each won game, he made sure to be one of the greatest pitchers in the world. The great left arm pitcher is now a part of the Red Sox team, and they have made all possible efforts to make it happen.

The trading will be helpful for Red Sox and also will add some more records to Sale’s carrier. On the opportunity of having Sale in the team, Red Sox are very delighted. Even Dave spoke of getting this opportunity rarely that Sale is switched in some team to play in Boston. So now the matches are going to be epic with Sale on the other side of the ground. There are other right-handed pitchers in the tea, but Sale aces them all.

Sale has been reported of his aggressive nature with the team members and on the field but the efficiency in the game and the passion has made him the top of left-handed pitchers. The addition of Sale to the Red Sox team has made a great change in the next matches to come. The team of Red Sox has the best of pitchers including Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech and many potential high line pitchers.

The Red Sox captain makes the statement about not playing against Sale anymore and that the team is happy with him on this side of the field. The highest bid was made for Sale along with the other players added to the team. Sale has the record of 1244 strikeouts in approximately 1100 innings. Dave is suspected to be the architect in making the Red Sox and Sale tie up for the next innings in Boston.

Red Sox paid around $40 million to get Chris Sale on their side. The addition in Red Sox has been taken up with great pomp and show among both Red Sox and Sale’s fans. The coming innings are going to be the grand ones when Red Sox is having the top notch of rotation pitchers.

Chris Sale was top priced this time, and the dispute with White Sox has made him even more vulnerable to other teams. Dave is referred as the best baseball architect for making this trade of Sale and Red Sox happen. The games are about to change and get more exciting with the coming innings.