The Unofficial Amalie Benjamin Fanclub

amaliefanclub.gifThis page is dedicated to Amalie Benjamin, who covers the Red Sox for the Boston Globe. She is frequently covering the Sox as the resident blogger at Extra Bases when she doesn’t have to do the game story.

  • Amalie graduated from Northwestern University in 2004.
  • She interned at the Washington Post in 2004.
  • Amalie’s bio at the Boston Globe: Benjamin is a general assignment reporter for the Boston Globe sports section. She specializes in baseball and tennis. Prior to her current position, Benjamin covered high school sports for the Globe. Benjamin is a graduate of Northwestern University and has been with the Globe since 2004.

Sorry boys but Amalie is taken and has a boyfriend. If you don’t believe me, watch this video from the pre-game show where Don Orsillo calls her Amalie Brown. It’s right at the end. Update 7/7: Amalie was recently engaged to her boyfriend and is really off the market now. Amalie is also currently the narrator for “The Sox I Know” feature on