There are innumerable gambling websites. But when we talk the best betting sites for US-based bettors, that narrows the field. It is somewhat ironic that American sports are the most popular in the world, yet it’s hard to bet on them in America. For example, Super Bowl sportsbooks more often than not operate out of Europe. Or the Caribbean. Before we go deeper into that, though, these are the top betting sites for bettors in the United States.

Not too long ago, that list would have been longer. However, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed into law in 2006. The UIGEA changed online gambling in the US as we knew it. It was after this act was passed that many of the best betting sites no longer accepted US customers. That is to say, they no longer were the best. They took that measure mainly because the UIGEA rendered it illegal to process financial transactions related to online gambling. Mark this though; the UIGEA did not make it illegal for Americans to place wagers or play gambling games on the internet. Nonetheless, a great many people were concerned that it did. Therefore, many US citizens decided to steer clear from online betting and gaming. 

Now, we are not lawyers. Nor do we play lawyers on television. Our advice should not be construed as legal counseling. The way we see it, any American who wishes to use the internet to bet can do so. Nay, should do so without having to worry about legal rami-percussions. The UIGEA had in its sights operators of gambling websites and financial institutions who enabled payments to and from them. But not individuals who make a conscious decision to spend their money on a harmless form of entertainment. That several states have introduced legislation to legalize and regulate appears to indicate the tide is turning. Still, there are a lot t’s to dot and i’s to cross and that’s not an ideal situation for US bettors. That’s why we have chosen the best betting sites to cut through the red tape. 

We only recommend websites of which we ourselves are users. That means we trust them; they make us feel comfortable. A few of the words that describe these sites include but are not limited to reputable, trustworthy, safe, secure, and user-friendly. Not only do they accept customers from the US, but even give them priority over other countries. All of these websites’ performance in all important categories is constant and consistent. You’re in for a fun and satisfying experience. These are sites that provide a wide variety of gambling alternatives. This is good for people who enjoy more forms of betting and gaming than just one. It’s very hassle-free to have the ability to do this at a single website. Though there is something to be said about joining more than one site. For instance, you get to enjoy multiple sign-up bonuses. And that would just be the start.

Notwithstanding that, many people prefer to concentrate on just one form of gambling. On just one site. That’s the reason why the websites we recommend have the best sportsbooks, casinos, and poker platforms for gamblers living in the United States. Once again, we have made 100” sure our recommendations are limited to  places that are dependable and secure, include US-friendly banking methods, and comply with all other important requirements. All things considered, you and not the government is the only one who should regulate your gambling. And to make it easy to keep tabs on yourself, we only recommend sites that support responsible gambling