The world focuses always in Las Vegas for its World Series of Poker. In this place, you can find almost all of the serious players. However, there are other places in America which are known as awesome poker destinations. Here is the list of the best poker-playing destinations that you must visit now: 

Greater Philadelphia plus Atlantic City 

Before various states have legalized poker, New Jersey is the only state with legal poker. You can find fierce action in the place. You can find 10 poker quarters in the beach town. 

But this is no longer the case today. This is because poker has expanded to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. There are also multiple online games like idn poker. 

Gradually, poker has diminished in Atlantic City. In Atlantic City, Borgata with 85 tables is known as the major poker place. Now, there are only 5 poker rooms that can be found in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, nine poker rooms can be found in Philadelphia. 

Sugar House is still existing in Philadelphia with around 28 tables. It can be found outside the city which is Harrahs with 31 tables and Parx with 61 tables. There are three rooms in Pennsylvania and the other three in Delaware south. If you add this number of amazing poker rooms, urban life, and beautiful beaches in your vacation, then you will surely experience the amazing get-away in the United States. 

Florida: Southeast and West Coast 

Hollywood, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are home to around 12 poker rooms. The place features around 376 tables which makes it the biggest poker concentration outside Nevada and California. You can find tournaments each day at the place.

Apart from idn poker, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of the Atlantic Coast. In here you can find the major sports team and can also experience the great nightlife. There are other gambling choices like horse racing, jai alai, and dog racing. Gamblers would enjoy the overwhelming destination for their vacation. 

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, you can find six poker rooms. It features around 200 tables which include the rooms in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota. You can enjoy the cash games available at various venues and join tournaments too. 

Southern California 

Poker in California is legal since the 1930s. As such, California is the state with the most number of poker tables in America. 

In Southern California, you can find the biggest poker fortresses around the world. This includes the Commerce Casino which features around 200 tables. You can also find the Gardens Casino or previously known as the Hawaiian Gardens which boasts the 110 poker tables. Also, you can find Hollywood Park (90 tables), Hustler (50 tables), and Bicycle Club (80 tables) in Southern California. 

Apart from playing poker, there are various things to do in Southern California. In here you can find beautiful beaches and have some good time with family and friends. It is the home of awesome cities like San Diego and Los Angeles. Finally, you can get to visit the paradise resort of Palm Springs.