Today, poker is not only for men alone. Women too can now play it and they are indeed amazing and doing great in the game. 

One example is Barbara Enright. She was the first lady to be inducted in Poker Hall of Fame back in 2007, on the same level with Phil Hellmuth. Enright is the first woman to be on the World Series of Poker’s final table and she won fifth place. 

Indeed, in each poker event, you can witness the tide is changing. Since the boom of poker in the early 2000s, many women have leveled up the game. During this time, poker has become accessible both live and online. 

Women can match with the best male poker player too. In this article, you will get to know the top women poker gamers. Check this out now: 

Victoria Coren Mitchell from the United Kingdom 

Victoria Coren Mitchell has tournament winnings of around $2.47 million. She is the first woman to garner two major European poker titles. She won in both 2004 and 2006 London Sanremo. Moreover, Mitchell is the first woman to bring home the bacon in the televised celebrity and professional event. 

Mitchell earns the majority of her income by winning a few tournaments and cash games. Furthermore, he also writes in columns and provides commentaries on some poker series in Britain. 

Jennifer Harman from the United States 

Harman is one of the famous female poker gamers in the industry. She made her debut in the Hall of Fame back in 2015. Apart from winning the two WSOP bracelets, she had the 12 WSOP table appearances in the finals. She had 32 money finishes plus two final tables in WPT. 

Jennifer Harman is a regular poker gamer at High Stakes and Poker After Dark. She is the only woman to play regularly at Big Game. 

Apart from playing poker, Harman is also active in charities. She hosts several poker events and donates the proceeds at the National Kidney Foundation. This is after undergoing two kidney transplants in the past. 

Loni Hardwood from the United States 

Loni has been winning successfully in the tournament circuit. She garnered the two WSOP bracelets for two consecutive years. This is both done in No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker events. According to records, her tournament winnings are around $2.5 million. 

Joanne Liu from Taiwan 

In 1985, Joanne Liu went to the United States to enroll in a university. In 1996, she visited the Bay 101 Casino at San Jose and discovered her new hobby. 

Meanwhile, Liu quit her employment in 2004 to become a full-time poker player. Since then, she has proven herself worthy to become a professional poker player. 

She earned five WPT and ten WSOP amounts of cash. In 2006, she won the WPT Ladies Night IV. Then, she finished 2nd place in the shooting stars tournament in WPT bay 101 in 2007. Finally, she is the only woman to finish the game in the inaugural event of the Asian Poker Tours.