Every type of sport you play is bound to make you produce an excess amount of sweat. If you are a lacrosse player, you’ll attest to this as it’s an intense and high contact sport that is full of sweat, mud, dirt and even blood. In the process, lacrosse helmets accumulate all of that sweat more than any other part of the lacrosse gear making it the most challenging piece of equipment to clean.

For your health and continuing with the game you love, it means ensuring the helmet is clean at all times. Keeping the lacrosse gear and pads clean protects you from odor and bacteria. Why is cleaning of lacrosse helmet necessary? 

Recently, cases of MRSA & STAPH outbreaks have been witnessed in various high schools plus colleges’ sports team as a result of dirty lacrosse helmet. Disinfecting gears and pads in between each use may prevent such diseases and enhance your play as no constant odor is interfering with your concentration. 

Now this article will go through some steps you can take to keep your helmet clean so that you can prolong the life of the helmet. It won’t mention any specific helmets or what the top rated lacrosse helmets are. If you are interested in finding out more about this, then I would recommend reading this article by WhatAllTheProsUse on whatalltheprosuse.com which goes into depth about what the best lacrosse helmets are right now.

Hopefully, this article will help you keep your helmets in good condition and stop them from getting ruined. But before then, while we understand that a helmet is as good as you maintain it, you also need to ensure that you’ve the right helmets for your needs for the ultimate safety protection. Fortunately, you get one that fits your needs Via Helmet Hunt.

How to Clean & Disinfect Lacrosse Pads and Lacrosse Gear


Before you clean your lacrosse helmet allow the pads to dry after every game. So, don’t put it in the bag immediately and if driving home, will enable enough airflow by lowering the car window to beat the helmet. Cleaning your pads and gear with a dry sweat is easier than when the moisture is all over. The moisture may keep the odor smell even after washing so, to prevent let the pads dry completely. 

Step 1: Shower Before and After

Personal hygiene is essential before putting on the lacrosse helmet. If you are playing the game after a busy day and probably had accumulated sweat, make sure you shower first. It’s good when you wear the helmet, gloves, and the uniform while your body is fresh. That gives you less hassle when cleaning the lacrosse helmet. 

When you are fresh, very minimal cleaning will be required on the pad and the gear. 

Step 2: Get Rid of any Visible Dirt

Get rid of any mud or visible dirt to make it easier when cleaning. Use a soft brush on any part with the dirt.

Step 3: Disinfect and deodorize

Try to disinfect and deodorize pad thoroughly on all surfaces after every game. Earlier, we saw that the way you keep your lacrosse helmet after a game might attract bacteria and virus to bleed because of moisture. Disinfecting and deodorizing your gear and pads then hang them somewhere to give them time to dry before storing back to lacrosse bag. If your pads are smelly from multiple uses, deodorize them and the gear a couple of times to eliminate the odor. 

Some have the habit of using the washing machine to clean the pads with detergents. However, that method does not kill bacteria entirely, even though they may appear clean. If you are to wash using a washing machine, make sure the padding says it is machine washable. Also, to be sure your pads are free from bacteria, when dry you can disinfect and deodorize them. But follow this procedure after several games when you feel the odor is building up even after using the washing machine. 

 Lacrosse pads require disinfecting and deodorizing spray which is safe for sports gear, especially gear spray. It clears bacteria, fungi, odor and infection effectively that may hide in the lacrosse pads 100%. 

How to Wash Lacrosse Helmet

If the helmet is of leather and plastic, you cannot use it in the washing machine. Doing that may destroy the material with time. Use the deodorizing spray as its very effective wiping grime and the sweat away. For good results, have a regular cleaning method. After every game, use disinfecting and deodorizing sports spray on the inside and the outside of the helmet. After that, wipe using a paper towel or rag and place the helmet upside down for it to dry before your next game. 

Caution when Cleaning Pads

Never use chlorine or bleach on lacrosse pad for that is one way of destroying them. Therefore, have one trustworthy sports gear spray to use on gear that cannot damage or destroy the materials. 

Deep Clean Occasionally 

In every season it is recommended to at least deep clean your lacrosse gear. Unfortunately, some designs are not well-suited for dryers or washers as they can damage or shrink them.  An alternative and safe way to was your gear is to use a bucket with warm water then wash using body or hand non-irritating soap.  After that, allow the pads to soak for some time, rinse them in another bucket with clean water and place them on a dry towel to dry. 

It is prudent if you give them two to three days for lacrosse equipment to dry completely. 


If you follow the above steps and ensure your lacrosse helmet and even other equipment’s are clean, they will give you service for long. With clean lacrosse helmet, your health is not at risk, and you enjoy the lacrosse game.