The competition in the sports betting industry is growing day by day. For that reason, most bookmakers try to provide their loyal visitors with maximum conditions of comfort and benefits in order to attract new and retain existing users. To achieve their goal, bookmakers offer various types of bonus offers as well as many other promotions. They went a step further and included advance-deposit wagering in their offer.

Provided that you know what the odds are, as well as what types of sports bets already exist, it is time to find out what advance-deposit wagering – one of the most interesting phenomena in sports betting – is.

Advance-Deposit Wagering: Definition and Core

Advance-deposit wagering is, as its name implies, a type of betting in which the bettor must pay a deposit to his account in order to be able to bet. Although advance-deposit wagering is most often used for horse racing, it is successfully applied to much more famous and popular sports from the offers of sportsbooks of bookies around the world.

This type of betting takes place online. It is important to remember that all bookmakers have indicated the lowest deposit for this type of betting. To participate in advance-deposit wagering, you must have an account open at a bookmaker before placing your bet. The moment the funds are in your account, i.e. when you have topped it up, all possibilities are open to you. If you win, that winning will be in the account and the moment you want to withdraw it, you can do it. It is important to remember that, in the case of a smaller amount, you do not have to inform the bookmaker in advance that you want to withdraw money. However, if you want to withdraw larger amounts, you need to notify the bookie.

Are you still wondering what you need to do to place an advance-deposit bet? Okay, we will answer you. To get started, you need to register at your chosen bookmaker. After registration, you will receive a card with the help of which you will be able to pay the deposit but also to withdraw your winnings. When registering, you will also pay money for betting or the deposit. After that first time, you will be able to deposit money at any branch of your chosen bookmaker.

Placing bets happens online by accessing your account, playing the desired matches, and then putting in stakes. If your ticket/bet is a winner, the money will go straight to your account. Most bookmakers give you the option to place an advance-deposit bet on live events as well as matches starting in the next 48 hours at the latest.

Online Betting – No Reason to Be Afraid

For many people who want to enter the world of online betting and online casinos, one of the most common worries is adding money to accounts they are not sure about. New players often have doubts in regard to the following: What options are available to them? Is it safe to share their financial data? Are there any common deposit issues to look out for?

For all of you who are still afraid of new things such as online betting (even though it is far from a new thing), we have great news. Paying online is not much different from online shopping or any other online transaction you may be familiar with and use for years. While your options will vary depending on where you live and what is available to you, know that it is safe to use advance-deposit wagering as well as withdraw money from this (your) account.

Prepaid Options

For those who want to avoid sharing financial information or exposing their credit cards or debit cards online when betting, prepaid cards and vouchers can be a great alternative. Prepaid cards give you the opportunity to enjoy advance-deposit wagering without fear. Most bookmakers, especially the big and famous ones, have made their own prepaid cards or made them in cooperation with companies that deal with this activity for a long time. And that works flawlessly for now.

It is clear to you from the above that offers of this type differ from country to country, as well as from bookmaker to bookmaker. Regardless, there will always be a number of reliable methods available to you, as well as online casinos that will allow you to pay deposits with the method of your choice. The most important thing is to choose a payment method that is reliable, secure, and right for you. This means that the method is approved by the authority in the country you reside in and is easy to use.

You also need to have 24/7 customer support at your chosen bookmaker. Customer support is there to help you and resolve any concerns, but also to answer any questions. Phone support, chat, or email – it is up to you to choose how you want to contact agents.

Now that we have introduced you to advance-deposit wagering, we want to tell you that this type of betting is a new phenomenon in sports betting that is gaining more and more popularity. If you are in the mood and ready to try your skills and knowledge in sports betting, visit one of the online bookmakers at and take the opportunity to enjoy the best deposit bonuses offers that can be found in 2021.