You just want to get to the fun part, right? Placing the bet and seeing your wallet amount rise with every play. 

Yes, we all know there’s a bit of luck involved in whether you’ll get the winnings you’re hoping for. But did you know there’s a LOT you can do to determine whether you’ll really enjoy the game as much as you anticipate.

And don’t worry, we’re not talking about hours of research on each new site you try out when you hear about the new best online casinos Canada, America or Europe has launched. We don’t want you to lose valuable play time. But you also don’t want to invest hours of play only to realise it’s a low quality casino that may not even pay out your winnings, right? 

So, this will only require a quick scan and then you can start your first play. Simply ask yourself the following questions. 

Do You Like the Look?

Yes, aesthetics matter, because why play a game when your senses aren’t entertained? Didn’t you know there’s a reason why brick and mortar casinos look so attractive and play exciting music? It’s because it should be a multi-sensory experience that’s engaging!

So, make sure your new platform has some—preferably all—of these characteristics:

  • A layout you find easy to understand
  • Using colours to make different features easily identifiable
  • Buttons clearly marked to navigate between pages
  • Bright hues to keep you engaged, because the brain responds to visual impulses and you don’t want to lose focus while you play

Is there a Link to a Contact Page? 

This one you should see the moment you land on the page: contact details or a clearly identified link to a page showing the company’s contact details.

Why is this important? Because fraudsters or brands that don’t yet understand players’ needs won’t put effort into good customer service. They may hide their details or not show it at all. 

Remember, you may not have a question today, but the day you do need help with your payments you want to easily reach the vendor. 

Scroll Up and Down—Can You See the Legal Info? 

Here’s the next thing to quickly check for if you’re happy with the look and feel as well as the brand’s client services: the legal aspect.

Casino brands should showcase details about their registration on their pages. This gives you confirmation that you’re using a vendor that abides by the standards set by gambling commissions

Look for:

  • A registration number
  • The gambling commission’s name
  • The date of registration so you can determine if it’s outdated
  • Whether it’s a legal vendor to use in your country

Here’s the question: if they have the information, why aren’t they displaying it? The pros in the business know how important this is to verify them as reputable brands. So, the absence of these details is a sure red flag!

Did You Double Check the URL?

Here’s an easy one.

The question here is: how did you find this page?

If you were googling a site that your friend told you about, chances are that it’s popular with many other players. Unfortunately, this means that fraudsters want to capitalise on this popularity. Here’s how they do it:

  • They create ways of stealing players’ money via an apparent online casino platform
  • They create a site with a name very similar to the popular site
  • They make use of SEO tools to get good rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

Now, you as a player may navigate to the site because you made a small typing error when entering the URL in your search bar, or because you see it on Google’s search results. Thinking it’s the real page your friend talked about, you start using it. But, they could deliver low quality service, or steal your money altogether. 

So, make sure about the name before your register!


You’re almost ready to start but give the site one last test: sitting in front of your computer, do you know exactly where to navigate to get started? If you feel a bit confused now and you haven’t even placed a bet, imagine how complicated it can get once inside one of the game portals. 

So, remember that first impressions DO count and you can save yourself valuable time—that could mean more money at the end of the day—if you pick sites that pass the test when you’ve asked al these questions.