Everybody loves an underdog story when it comes to any sport, especially when you are a neutral fan and it’s against a rival side. There’s been some huge upsets in the Major League Baseball over the years but today we analyse which of these upsets are the best underdog stories. 

For the first underdog story on the list, we have to go back to 1969 where the New York Mets burst onto the scene and won the 1969 World Series. Now of course that doesn’t sound that spectacular, but if I told you that this was only their eighth season of existence, and that in their seven previous season the highest position that they came was seventh in a league of ten then that explained the magnitude of how impressive this win really was. 

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The next big upset was more recent than the Mets and was in 2004 when The Boston Red Sox were down 3-0 to the New York Yankees, heavy favourites from the start of the league, and had been battered 19-8 in all 3 games. Somehow, unbelievable performances from Dave Roberts, David Ortix and Curt Schilling’s ensured that they brought back the win in one of the most spectacular comebacks of all times; there is no way the Red Sox should have got back into that game.

The final underdog on this list is that of Mike Piazza, a relatively unknown player coming into the 1988 MLB Draft as the 62nd round pick and was only picked due to a relationship of then manager Tommy Lasorda – the godfather of Piazza. When the draft was in tandem, Mike’s father asked the manager to draft him as a favour to start his MLB career. What came next was one of the most unbelievable stories to come out of the MLB to say that he was just signed as a favour as he went on to be one of the best-hitting catchers in the history of the game. In fact, he became a 12-time all-star and 10-time silver slugger. He certainly repaid his favour right?