As much as everybody would like to have a large kitchen, the reality is that houses are becoming smaller and smaller due to inadequate space. However, with clever planning and organisation, it is possible to make a small kitchen look bigger and more functional.

Here are some tips to maximise space in a small kitchen:

i. A skylight

Skylight windows may create an impression of extra height in a small kitchen space. Also, add shinny white surfaces to bounce and reflect the light around the room. The natural lighting helps to make the kitchen space feel bigger.

ii. Choose flat gladiators

Since contemporary radiators come in all shapes and sizes, it is not wise to feature a bulky radiator in a small kitchen space. Go for a slim, sleek style that blends in with the wall. If possible, put a full-length mirror on the wall beside the glossy cabinets. The reflective surfaces and mirror create an illusion of more space in the kitchen.

iii. Create a display

If you don’t have enough cabinets to put everything, you can put some items on a display. For instance, collect pots and pans in different metallic tones and put on rails. This is a great way to create a vintage-style character.

iv. Declutter

One of the best ways to make a small kitchen space look bigger is to keep clutter to the minimum. If possible make everything out of view and show only the bare minimum. This is a very simple and cheap option to make your small kitchen feel bigger.

v. Utilise the corners

Even though most people leave corners open, you can utilise these spaces to add more storage space in a small kitchen. Create some small corner shelves where you can display a pot plant, mugs, and jars. However, keep it as minimal as possible.

vi. Create a breakfast bar

Creating reakfast bars helps to add more space in a small space. They create extra space to eat and become a social spot. If you don’t want to compromise the small floor space in your kitchen, you can place some stools on the other side.  

vii. Remove the washing machine

Most people automatically assume that washing machines should belong in the kitchen. There are other spaces in the house that can fit the machine. For instance, you can put it in the garage or a concealed cupboard on the hallway.

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