Exploring The Benefits of the MLB Moneyline Bet  

In Major League Baseball, and most other sports and sports betting, the moneyline bet is largely considered the most simple, easy, and successful, making it the most popular, and also the most suitable bet for new, and old, bettors alike. 

And with the moneyline market hot and available in all the games, right from spring training through to the playoffs, it’s very much worth getting to know everything you possibly can about betting on MLB moneylines.

The Moneyline Bet Explained

Also sometimes known as the “to win” bet, the moneyline bet is about as basic as it gets. It is a simple wager on who will win a given game, tournament, league, etc. All other factors, such as “the margin of victory” and “number of runs”, are irrelevant. Who wins, and the odds, for or against it, are all that matters.

With most sportsbooks and moneyline markets, the odds for the favourites are given as a minus sign and a number, and for the underdogs, a plus sign and number. These figures represent how much bettors stand to win or lose per $100.

For example. Say the NY Mets are playing LA Dodgers, and the odds that are given are:

NY Mets -200
LA Dodgers +150

With the Mets as the favourites, at -200 betting on them would require risking $200 to win $100. On the other hand, with the Dodgers as the underdogs at +150, risking $100 would result in $150 profit should they win. The latter might seem the better option at first glance but remember that the odds are against the underdogs.

General Advice For Moneyline Betting

Those who are new to MLB betting should know that, even with a fairly small margin between teams, it’s usually the favourites that tend to win most consistently in baseball. 

Bettors should also consider the matchup of pitchers against batters, as this can often be key to predicting the overall outcome, especially with MLB being so reliant on home runs and strikeouts in today’s game.

Checking out the odds and stats for “futures” bets, special bets on future games that are made well in advance, can also be helpful guide for bettors in predicting how teams might perform in the long run.  

Placing A Moneyline Bet

To place a moneyline bet, you will first need to find a worthy online sportsbook, and to find the best requires a bit of investigation and research.

Check sportsbook review sites, though also try and look for as many sources of critique as possible. Also be sure to check that the sportsbook is fully licensed and has all the latest and most secure payment methods. One last thing to do is shop around for the best odds and to check the bonuses up for grabs. Just like the bet Big Dollar Casino no deposit bonus, sportsbooks often offer enriching rewards.

Once you have found your sportsbook, it will be simple matter of signing up and placing your bet. 

Always remember. Good betting practices, such as pacing bets, and setting a strict bankroll and loss-limit, will not only help to prevent large losses, but also potentially help you win more in the long run.