Poker has been one interesting game that has been played over the years worldwide. The game is interesting and can be played individually or in a group. Games like domino poker and Qq poker which is part of the trending multiplayer online casino gambling games.

Qqpoker online players can play many games using just one account and have fun playing multiple times.

Bettors can use real money to play and win cash using Qqpoker online. Many poker events are usually organized during this period for players including tournaments and tours. These events are being affected by the Coronavirus epidemic which is making some poker experts demand the legalization of online poker so people can play the game safely from the comfort of their home.

Over the last 24 hours, the world has witnessed lots of famous events annulled or adjourned as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, including key music carnivals and sporting occasions of all levels.

Poker is amongst many gaming companies that are declaring changes to programs Thursday afternoon.

As the Coronavirus keeps having an impact on sports events and even the cancellation of almost everything within and outside the world of poker, few public figures in the field of poker are demanding online poker should be legalized during this epidemic. 

Poker experts Daniel Negreanu and Brian Koppelman, co-writer of the cult classic poker movie Rounders have been talking about the idea for some time now.

Negreanu who was on a poker podcast requested the US government contemplates making legal online poker through the Coronavirus endemic. His main reason for proposing this idea is that; a legalized online poker can keep people busy if they are to be quarantining themselves for a couple of weeks.

This can as well prevent people from attempting to go out to casinos where the virus can be spread easily amongst players exchanging cards and chips in enclosed quarters.

Negreanu further shared his worries about people playing in casinos by tweeting, “All poker operators: stop. Suspend all tournaments and cash games now”. The illness can easily be spread at poker tables, so it is important they are closed. 

Koppelman combined voices with Negreanu’s call for the authorization of online poker during the endemic. Koppelman tweeted out “You know how there are compassionate use medicines? Well, the Senate should allow compassionate use online poker right now. Let people play safely at home!”

Given the fact that Coronavirus is perpetrating on the American and global economy and health care systems, it’s uncertain the US government will succumb and even give online poker second thoughts right now. Nevertheless, why not immediately the epidemic is over?

Income losses for brick and mortar poker rooms could be calculated and it will be thought-provoking to see if the losses will be sufficient reasons for state-controlled or even federally-controlled legal online poker which could have aided reduce losses during the epidemic.