Think of all the money we have spent the past ten years on phone apps and in-game purchases… why? Because the games are dope! (great). The graphics are slick and entertaining during little gaps in the day. The game itself is fun but… why not put that money towards a video game that can, you know, give you a chance to make some real money back… not just some stupid high score! Video games and in-game micro-transactions have their place, but online live casinoshave become the best option to mess around and have fun during the day. Give yourself a chance to win some real dough, and play a literal video game doing it.

Online casinos, like 918kiss (formerly SCR888)have essentially become video games themselves, providing the widest variety of casino gambling games (including slot games & 4D Lotto) on the web. The graphics and presentation make it so instead of playing some stupid game like Bejewelled, you get the same graphics and game presentation with the added benefit of actually winning cash! These web-based live casinos have PayPal-level secure financial services that have several verification and services to ensure strong protection during monetary transfers. You can double-check the reputable software development companies that create these safe online betting environments.

Weclub88 918 Kiss Online Casino

I would argue 918 Kiss Casino has slot games with graphics, games, and incentives on par with any in-game video game purchases. It really is just a better version of, for example, buying a new “skin” in Fortnite or Call of Duty. Instead of changing your character’s style or upgrading his/her weapon, you’re throwing some pennies towards a slot machine that plays not like your average one-armed bandit, but like a fully-formed, entertaining video game. When you think of it as simply an alternative to these in-game micro-transactions so many people are clearly willing to make, it makes good sense to have an option where there is an opportunity to win that money back tenfold.

To get started with an app like 918 Kiss Casino, you simply download the app, and you will immediately get a “Welcome” bonus. From there, make sure you learn to “Set a limit” for how much can be spent. That way, there will be no runaway gambling episodes! You can check out the variety of games, as you simply will not find any casino in the US with the scope and availability of secure online sites like 918 Kiss Casinos.

If you wanted a couple of slot games to get started with, check out Highway King, Suncity2, Panther Moon, Halloween Fortune, Captain Treasure, Sultan’s God, and Great Blue. Each game has its own rules and quirks that make them a different experience to try out. For example, Captain’s Treasure gives you 800 coins to start gambling with (this is the game I started with). While all fundamental slot machines, the graphic interface rivals any video game you’ve ever thrown money towards for… what? A better M16 for your virtual commando? Give me a break… try the free bonuses on these sites, and you’ll love having the alternative to video games. All it takes is downloading an app no different from ones in the Android or IOS store. Again, these are secure and reputable companies, as they have a vested interest in securely growing their platform. If they weren’t why would serious betting sites be providing “how-to” guides? Online and in-app casinos have gone mainstream, baby!

Now, if you want to ratchet up the intensity, the card-dealing games on sites like 918Kiss become a little more serious. There are real players who, if that is your crowd, know the ins and outs of Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, and so forth. Here, you can engage a more serious gambling atmosphere. While it loses some of the awesome levity that 918Kiss’s slot machines have, they bring the hardened edge that more serious gamblers love to experience with playing cards.

Sportsbook Betting

Along with a wide range of poker games and slot machinesthese live gambling rooms have sports betting as well! Instead of sitting and playing Angry Birds or something dumb while you wait for a flightpicture yourself betting on the Manny Pacquaio fight later that night and looking up predictions and the weigh-in as you chat with people around the world doing the same thing!   Whether it’s boxing, baseball, basketball, MMA, hockey, or football, you can experience all the same fun that a phone game brings, but again… we’re talking a chance to make money while anywhere there is Internet! In all honesty, such a fun and exciting (and secure) online betting environment is for casual gamblers and more serious participants. Depending on the amount of money you put in and the level of intensity you engage in with other participants, the atmosphere can stay easy and fun, or become focused and competitive. 

Wrapping it Up…

Simply put guys, online/in-app has gone mainstream – seriously. There are Silicon-Valley companies that have invested in these kinds of software, proving this online gambling movement is not some “flash in the pan” or some fluke. An easy start goes like this: download the app from the app store, get a free “welcome bonus” for the slots, and experience the feeling of winning some slots on their free offer! We all know that sounds like a good deal. Here is the link to get started today – roll the dice, press the lever, and enjoy yourself, everyone. Stay prosperous and stay safe!