There are many games out there that require knowledge and skill to be good at, and it is good to be aware of the rules of playing them right if you want to win. What many people don’t realize is that the slots games are the same way. If you want to be able to win at slots, all you have to do is learn a couple of rules of playing them. But what rules, you might ask, when the slots are a game that is as simple as it gets. You put in a coin and spin, and you either win or you do not. Well, while the game is pretty simple in of itself, there are many players who make certain mistakes even when playing  free online slots, meaning that even with these games that have a higher win rate, they do not end up winning much at all. So, here is a quick primer on the three tips that need to be remembered when playing slots, so that you don’t end up losing, instead of using your chance to win. 

Never auto spin, but if you do…

Autospin is a feature that almost all modern slots games share. This feature allows players to set the machine to auto-spin for a certain number of spins, or until the player runs out of credit to spin. We would like to recommend that you try to avoid this feature, as it will quickly drain you of your funds, automatically, if you are not paying attention to it. Although there is a level of customization to each auto spin feature that might allow you to set the number of spins low and the number of bet on each spin low, it might still not be worth it, as you just end up losing a lot of money doing it. If you are going to be auto spinning anyway, then we would like to recommend a couple of things. 

The first thing is, yes, set your bet to the minimum possible, so that you can spin for as long as you can with the funds that you have available on your account. After you do that, set the spins to the number you want. But before you do either of those things, you need to pick the correct slots game. Preferably, you will be choosing one that has a large jackpot available. This way, you will maximize your chances of getting the jackpot (even though they are pretty small) in the number of spins that you have. Then you sit and wait, hoping for the best. 

There is no way to math your way through the game

One thing that many people have tried doing over the years is coming up with some kind of magical Joo Joo in order to game the system. Using magnets, picking the slots that are at the age of the rows, or whatever else has never worked, simply because the slots are pretty well built to be random and protected. One thing that has seemingly started more happening lately, is the attitude by players that they can win against the system as long as they use math and probability in order to figure out when they will be hitting the jackpot during their play. Some have been using all kinds of algorithms, formulas and even just random numerics, in order to try and identify when they might end up making money. While the popularization of math done by these people is admirable, it is also entirely futile. No matter what kind of math you apply to the randomness, the outcome will be random and unpredictable no matter what. So, instead of doing all kinds of high-level calculations while playing, it might be best if you simply enjoy the game while you are playing it and forget all of the fancy thinking. 

Stop, when you reach your budget limit

This is probably the most important rule that a significant number of players forget when playing. When you are spinning the slots, you get into the zone, concentrating entirely on spinning, winning and watching the numbers climb or fall. What you forget is to keep track of how big your budget is and looking to stop when the budget approaches the limit. Otherwise, you might end up going over budget and ending up losing more money than you have, in which case you are indebted and broke. It is a good idea to stick to your limit and maximize the amount of time you keep playing so that the entertainment value of the game you are playing remains high.