Majorly, there are three formats through which Cricket is played. These formats are Test Cricket series, One Day Internationals, and T20. Through the Test cricket matches, the game is played for five days containing only 10 teams.

The One Day International or the ODI is played with a limit of 50 overs or 300 balls that are bowled. Whereas, T20 format is played with only 20 runs and multiple teams of the same country, competing with themselves. There is a proper auction that happens every other year for deciding the reshuffling or the new entry of the players in each T20 team from each region of the country that is qualified to play or make the team.

So, to earn the free bets and play the betting game of your choice and earn the best profits in the markets over the cricket games that are running live, you need to consider a few points in mind.

1. Consider the location as well as the climate

This is one of the major factors to consider in your mind before placing the bets that you are expecting to give you any returns. So, the Cricket matches are held from one place to another that can be in terms of a city, state, or an entirely different country.

Every place has its defined climate. Therefore, it is not necessary for a player to adjust to the climate so easily. It often takes time for the foreign players to adjust to the pitch as well as the climate conditions in the new country. This, of course, affects their bowling and batting performance.

However, if the person, on whom you are planning to place free bets to earn profits unconditionally, is pretty familiar with the country or the pitch, then you can make an estimate that his performance will not dwindle irrespective of the spinning speed of the bat or the required accuracy for swinging the bat on the ground.

2. Experience of the players

There is always a high risk involved with the new players. They are not consistent as they do not have the right kind of experience. So, the bookies will be giving you more profits at times when you plan to place bets on the newcomers.

However, this is again a risk in placing bets inexperienced players in the game or team. So, if you want to increase your real chances of winning instead of the winning big at once, then it is recommended that you place free bets on those players who have a great experience either for the format of the Cricket which we explained above, or have been playing in the same country or city or on the same pitch for years.

Majorly, this experience could be related to anything. The more mastered he is at his style of batting and balling, then more chances of yours are there to win and take good money home.

3. Bet on the poor weather

This again, is one of the creative ways to place your bets. Often punters place their bets on the poor weather conditions to check if the entire match will be a draw or not. For placing such a bet over a match, you should be aware of the current weather condition of the city or state, know about the month of the year, and the average weather that remains during this period in the city or the state where the match is being held.

However, please be reminded that during these types of free bets on the draw sequence of the match, the decision of betting should be made quickly. The window of this bet might close very fast. 

Also, as the weather deteriorates, you know your chances of winning will increase if you have placed your bet on the positive condition of a drawn Cricket match.

4. Study the rankings as well as ratings of the team

That is another crucial aspect related to the study of the team’s ranking if you want to know about the profitability of the bets to be placed. The rankings of the teams take around 3-4 years to average out. So, you cannot solely depend on a single year’s ranking or even a single event.

There are other factors that are attached to the rating or the overall ranking of the Cricket teams. One year a team might not be playing many games because they are preparing to up their level for a big game. And another year, they might excel in the rankings because of their preparations.

So, always make sure that you are combining all the points discussed in this article to place free bets for more profits in return.