Playing games could be relaxing, more so when you always win. But in order to win, you need to focus on your games because when you are anxious about something, it gets you distracted. The magnitude of the distraction depends on what kind of problem you are anxious about. But what if your distraction is minding so much about your massive debts? How do you do about it? How can you keep your focus on your games when you have this kind of problem? This blog discusses some tips in order for you to cease and desist becoming problematic about your debts.

Focus on the Here and Now

Focusing is really hard especially when you are preoccupied with your loans. But the only way to maintain your focus is by setting an order of priority. When you are playing games, stop thinking about your debts. Most people have a tendency to think about their problems while they are doing something. As a result, the current task fails and you turned out to be more disappointed. To avoid this from happening, do not mix up what you feel with what you do. Besides, you cannot solve your debt while doing your tasks or playing games so why mix it up. Mind over matter. Mind your debts before or after the game.

Make a Concrete Action Plan to Pay your Debts

People are usually anxious about something because they feel that they do not have a hold or control over things. They might be overwhelmed and may not anymore recover from it. This anxiety is often caused by not planning because planning may give you a sense of control. In response, make a concrete action plan or strategy in paying off your debt. In your plan, determine which among your debts have the highest interest and with the lowest amount of term payments. Match it with your current income, and make a schedule of payment in terms. Upon doing this, you will realize that paying your debt, how massive it can be, is still doable and achievable. Hence, you will have less anxiety and focus on your game.

Take Action Now

It is not enough that you make an action plan, you have to take action as you planned. Besides, that is why it is called an “action plan.” When you plan to pay your debts according to the order of priority, make sure to pay the terms religiously. Prioritize paying your debts over unnecessary spending of wants. Only buy things that you need. This is called “delayed gratification.” Of course, part of your action plan is to increase your income because your income might not be able to cover all the things that you need. Maybe your income can cover only your debts, but how about your necessities? As always, the best formula is to reduce your expenses and increase your income.

Have Discipline

Your plan and action will only work if you have the discipline enough to control your bad habits and continue your good habits. There may be times when people might taunt or ridicule you for being frugal and may brand you as materialistic when you have a lot of extra income. You might be carried away and go back to where you were. Do not mind them. You cannot control what they might say about you but you have complete control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Therefore, the only person who can discipline you is only you.


When you know what to do about your problems, especially paying off your massive debts, then it gives you more confidence in doing your other activities such as games. In games, though it is only for leisure, it provides you with a certain level of rest and recreation. Thus, when you mixed up being preoccupied with your debts while playing games, it is definitely stressful. Meanwhile, in order to stay focused, you have to do the following. Have an order of priority, make plan paying your debt and do it, take some sacrifices and discipline yourself. By following these, you are changing yourself for the better. Many of your potentials may be harnessed and you may be able to overcome your stresses in life. Enjoy life to the fullest.