Here is an update to the situation involving the arrests of Gonzaga basketball players, Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis.

The players were pulled over by police because the tail lights on the Blazer were not on. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers smelt marijuana coming from the car and also saw a bag of ‘shrooms hanging out of Heytvelt’s bag. The bag had Heytvelt’s name and number on it. (Note to athlete’s: if you are gonna carry illegal drugs on you, don’t put them in a bag with your name and number it. At least steal one of your teammates so you can blame them and say you grabbed the wrong bag.)

Also in the bag were some brownie muffins which contained mushrooms in them. Ummm, I’ve heard of hash brownies but mushroom brownies. That’s a new one to me.

Davis had been doing bong hits earlier that night at a party and was a joint was found in his possession when he was searched in a pat down by police.

While they haven’t been formally charged with anything, they were arrested for investigation of a controlled substance. What is interesting to me is that Smith is not from the United States. I have to wonder if he is convicted of a crime, would he be deported back to Canada, where he makes his home.

So what is the lesson learned by these two athletes. Don’t do drugs. Even when you think you may not get caught, you will. In this case they did. They are now paying for it. Yes, they are young and almost everyone in college experiments, but there is a time and a place for that. As a college athlete, you are a role model and you have to remember that you are representing the university for which you play. If this was someone who worked for a major company or any company for that matter, odds are, if convicted, they would probably lose their employment.

My opinion is this. If they are convicted, they should lose their scholarships and be expelled from school. How many student-athletes get caught doing something wrong and they only get suspended for a few games. These two need to be made examples of.

Say no to drugs!!!

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