On this crappy afternoon here in Connecticut, I digress away from sports for this post and ponder a serious question that’s happening in the world of celebrity deaths.

Are you Anna Nicole Smith’s baby’s daddy? Chances are if you are a male, you could be the father. So yes there is a small chance that I could be the baby’s daddy. Ok, that is definitely not a true statement.

The reason I bring it up is because when Smith became pregnant, two people were rumored to be the father, Howard K. Stern (no relation to Howard Stern), and Larry Birkhead, a photographer who slept with Smith. After Smith died last week from unknown causes still, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt said he was having a ten year affair with Smith and that he could be possibly the baby’s daddy. And now just recently, another guy who said he was boinking Smith and might be the baby’s daddy. Alexander Denk, a former bodyguard of Smith’s, claims he could possibly be the daddy as well. It is also rumored that Smith had some sperm from her 90 yr old husband, Howard Marshall, frozen and could have used that.

Which brings me back to original question? Are you Anna Nicole’s baby’s daddy? Chances are if you slept with her around 14-15 months ago, you could be the father.

The big stink about this whole mess is I am sure that none of them are really concerned about the baby but rather the money that Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith will get from her mother’s estate. See this is important because whoever has the fatherhood rights, will control the sizable amount of money that Dannielynn will inherit. And thus, all these guys are really money hungry. (Ok that is my opinion but honestly if one more person claims to be the father, you will understand my point.)

The biggest concern should be the baby. The baby will now face a life without her mother. Shouldn’t these idiots be concerned with that rather than the money. Even Anna Nicole’s mom is more concerned about the money and she’s been estranged from Smith for the past 15 years.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. My prayers go out to Dannielynn.

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