Well, its that time of year where colleges start playing their exhibition schedules. Lately most of the Division 1 schools have been scheduling Division 2 schools. We all know exhibition games don’t mean much at all but to the teams they actually do. They have been basically scrimmaging themselves since the start of practice on October 13th. These games will give the coaches a chance to see where the players are and how they fit in to the team’s plans for the season.

These exhibition games will be beneficial for the UCONN Huskies team (UCONN opens with AIC tomorrow night). This season, the team welcomes 8 new freshman. These freshman are going to be counted upon from day 1 by Jim Calhoun. The Huskies are a young team this year and should be fun to watch at times. Calhoun has stated recently that this is the fastest team he has ever had at UCONN. So we should see a lot of the run and gun and a lot of pressing by the Huskies. Reminds me of back in the day in the early 90’s when the team would run and press. Should be an interesting season for the Huskies.

The Lady Huskies will open their exhibition schedule on Thursday against Team Concept. Team Concept will be sporting four former members from UCONN (Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Rita Williams, and Maria Conlon). This will also give Coach Geno Auriemma a chance to see where his team stands right now. The Lady Huskies have 5 new freshman this year who are expected to contrinite as well. With no seniors on the team this year, the state of Connecticut may see another National Championship soon.