Here is a look at some of the news from the NL camps in spring training.

Tom Glavine is pursuing a milestone. The rest of the 40 somethings and him have to leave exhibition games early so they can get to the early-bird dinner specials.

The Phillies need to Tom Gordon to be healthy this season. No word on whether he will star in Flash Gordon 2.

The Nationals starting pitching isn’t looking good right now. At least the presidential race will gave the people of Washington, DC something to talk about this season.

Kyle Davies of the Braves struggled against the Nationals. The Nationals? I thought they sucked.

Joe Borchard and John Gall have been playing catchup at Marlins camp. They must be talking about the times when they were the Tree.

Izzy is struggling with his control early on in spring training. It must be hard to pitch with a cane.

Jared Burton of the Cincinnati Reds hopes to make the team. I wonder if he is related to Ward or Jeff Burton.

Vinny Rottino is trying to get 500 spring training at bats. He must be a plumber filling in all those cracks.

Freddy Sanchez hurt his knee in a spring training game. The Pirates are now thinking about canceling their season.

The Cubs president wants to win. Somewhere in the world, Steve Bartman is happy about this.

Hunter Pence is on the ride of his life at Astros camp. He must have been riding the rides this weekend Disney.

Woody Paige was asked to be nice to the Rockies. His appearances on Around the Horn must be getting to him.

David Wells tell tales of his African safari. No word on whether he was the one being hunted.

The Diamondbacks hitting coach is good at finding flaws in the player’s swings. That can’t be for the players psyche.

Chin-lung Hu is showing some speed at Dodgers camp. Who or Hu?

Bruce Bochy has moved Barry Bonds to the 3 spot in the lineup. He must be trying to get Barry more abs in his quest for the All-time Home Run title.