In support of his estranged wife Britney Spears, Kevin Federline decided to show some support for her and shave his head. At least as a guy, it can’t look as bad as on him as it does her.

Reportedly, there may be a reconciliation when Britney gets out of rehab. One of K-Fed’s friends had this to say:

“Britney has realized what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently. She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him. She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage.”

Also US Weekly is reporting that Britney is having a real tough time in rehab and may have tried to kill herself over the weekend.

Us Weekly claims her cousin Alli has all but moved into the clinic to help keep an eye on her but the family still don’t think it’ll be enough to keep Britney on track. A source told the magazine: “They hope that Britney will stay at Promises for a month, but they’re nervous she might not last that long.”

After Britney checked herself in the Promises rehabilitation center in Malibu, British tabloid News of the World reported that the staff at the clinic said she was put on “suicide watch” after she tried to hang herself with a bed sheet.

A friend of hers told the newspaper that right before attempting to take her life, she had the number 666 written on her head and ran around the clinic yelling: “I am the Antichrist!”

“She is still very vulnerable. Last Saturday she said she had the number 666 written onto her bald head. She was crying, and shouting, ‘I am the Antichrist!’ The clinic people just didn’t know what to do. Then she started screaming, ‘I’m a fake! I’m a fake!’ It must have been really frightening,” the News of the World quoted the pal, as saying.

“Later that night she tried to kill herself. She attached a sheet to a light and tied it around her neck. Paramedics were called, but luckily she was unhurt,” the pal added.

It’s just really sad to hear how far she has fallen. I really hope for hersake and her children’s sake, that she does get better. No child deserves to grow up without her mother.

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