On Monday night, the women’s basketball game between Arizona State and Texas Tech at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona was rained out with just over 4 minutes to play in the game. Arizona State ended up winning the game 61-45.

The reason for the rain-out. They left the roof open at Chase Field. The game was supposed to be played outdoors but even knowing the forecast they left the roof open. The game time temperature was 56 degrees. The NCAA allowed the players to wear long sleeves under their uniforms and some players were even wearing gloves on the bench.

The grounds people pulled the tarp to cover the court before it got to wet because there wasn’t enough time to get the roof shut. But because the floor got too wet, the game was cancelled and Arizona State was awarded the victory.

This was just the second outdoor basketball game ever. The last one was between the Tennessee women and Arizona State back in 2000 at Chase Field (formerly the BOB at the time.)

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