As many of you have heard, Tim Hardaway made some comments about gay people that weren’t so nice. Basically what he said was “I hate gay people”. Well it seems that one columnist at’s Page 2 is a little pissed off about it. In fact, she was so pissed off that she came out of the closet without actually saying she was a lesbian. In her article, Mary Buckheit says, “Tim Hardaway hates me.”

While I believe Tim Hardaway’s comments were tactless and hurtful, especially because they were stridently directed at me, I still believe them to be permissible. We can say whatever we want in this country. That’s generally a really good thing — with freedom comes variety. But inherent in that privilege is a regrettable truth: Free, unfiltered speech sometimes brims with hate. Tim Hardaway said, “I hate gay people.” You may hate gay people too. You may respect Tim Hardaway more because he is willing to unshakably declare his hate for people like me.

She has never told her parents, any coaches she has had or even her boss, that she is in fact a lesbian. She never states these three words, “I’m a lesbian,” anywhere in the article. But she clearly implies that she is one as evidenced in the quotes above with the bold words. The point of her article is not about coming out but rather it is about “athletic professionalism.” Yes, Tim Hardaway shared his beliefs on gay people, but he also said they could affect the way he plays. He says he can’t trust the person because he “doesn’t beleive in them.” The main question is should he have made his beliefs public? My answer is no. He should have kept his mouth shut. There’s a time and a place to share your personal beliefs. Most beliefs are better off being unsaid. His idiocracy got him banned from the NBA All-Star weekend in Vegas. Tim Hardaway was a great basketball player. But as a human being, he sucks major ass. By the way, I don’t have a problem with gay people at all. And as Jerry Seinfield said, “Not that there’s anything wrong with it.” TechnoratiTechnorati: , , , , ,