Bud should have had a V8This has kind of been simmering on my back burner since the news hit the interwebs and now that the big Patriots game is getting close and news is getting scarse on the game it’s time for this.

WTF were the major league baseball owners thinking when they gave Bud Selig another three years as the commissioner?????? Are these guys high? Do they not see what fans of the game see? I mean for christ sakes even the Red Sox realized they needed to help push Dr. Chuck and 3×5 out the door why can’t the owners see that Selig needs to go?

This man has been part and parcel to the steroid era. First in his ignorance. Then in his lack of action. Then in his too little too late attitude towards the PED issue. He is so culpable in all this he might as well have been the one sticking the syringe in Jose Canseco’s ass.

He commissioned and approved a report on steroids that cost fans at least $20 million. What you didn’t think we weren’t gonna have to pay for that? Where do you think the money came and will come from? For $20 million we basically got a used 1995 Toyota Corolla. Kind of fitting seeing as Selig is a used car dealer. He’s used to sticking it to the customer and boy did we bend over and take one this time. And guess what we’re gonna be getting bent over for another three years.

He is the “do nothing and maybe it will go away” commissioner but because he was one of them he seems to get a free pass from the owners. He goes to Congress to testify and those idiots make him look like a nuclear physicist because of the softballs they throw him. He is more clueless than Jacques Clouseau, Cher Holowitz, Frank Drebin, Elle Woods and Kelly Bundy wrapped up into one. And we the baseball fan get to suffer until at least 2012.