Former New England Patriots punter Danny Baugher was arrested just hours after being released by the team for assaulting his father.  Baugher and his father, Erle, were in a fast food restaurant parking lot at 4 a.m. when police were called for two men fighting.

Baugher in collegePolice say Baugher, 23, was drunk at the time of his arrest for assault.   

According to the police report, a spat between father and son inside a vehicle escalated to the point where Danny Baugher punched Erle in the face. Erle Baugher, 54, declined medical treatment.

The police report described Baugher as “very evasive with his answers” and, when ordered out of the car, unable to keep his balance “due to high level of intoxication.”

According to the Boston Herald, Baugher pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Hingham MA District Court.  He was released on his own recognizance.