These past fourteen days of NFL free agency have been full of surprises and shock moves. It has appeared like every other hour there is breaking news of NFL players getting traded, getting paid, staying put at their franchise, or reversing their retirement decision. Tom Brady’s stance to come back was the most surprising (so far this offseason) but Von Miller’s stance to dump the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams is possibly second on the surprise off-season list as reported by best online casino Australia.

After departing the Denver Broncos for the Los Angeles Rams and coming out victorious in the Super Bowl in his debut season outside of Denver, Miller made another shock move. He penned a six-year deal with the Buffalo Bills valued at $120 million including $51 million completely guaranteed.

On the surface, dumping the Rams for the Bills might appear like it’s about dollars but Miller is a rich man already. He has made over $144million in career earnings. So why did he opt to leave the reigning Super Bowl winners for the Buffalo Bills? 

Von Miller on why he opted to join the Buffalo Bills: “I saw what makes Aaron Donald Aaron Donald, and it was hard to walk away from that. The only way you can walk away from that is to walk into something special. And what they’re doing here is extremely special. (The Bills are) gonna win a Super Bowl with or without me. They’ve built an amazing team.”

“When I left Denver and I went to LA, I said I’m not going back. I said I’m not leaving. And it had to be something special. It had to be the Buffalo Bills. What they’ve created here — it had to be the Bills Mafia. This environment that they’ve created here, drew me away from that. It’s not gonna be the weather. The weather is gonna be the weather. But what they’re doing inside this facility, what they’re doing in this community, what they’re doing on the football field and off the football field, man, I had to be a part of that.”

Von Miller, who loves top online casino, further explained his difficult decision: “I wasn’t expecting it to be like that. I was expecting you to win the Super Bowl, you got your offers out here, where do you want to go, pick, go back to the Rams. But it was tough man, it came down to the very end. … I feel like I let (the Rams) down. I feel like I’m breaking up with my girlfriend. That’s just me and the way I go about my business. But this was the one time in my life where I had to make a decision for myself.”

If the league’s overtime rules were different and Bills quarter back Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills got the ball back versus the Kansas City Chiefs we could be talking about the Bills dynasty now. It’s not unthinkable to think the Bills could’ve beaten the Cincinnati Bengals as well as the Los Angeles Rams.