Pakistan has a significant connection with sports and a rich sporting history that has seen this country enjoy golden years at the international level. So here we will share the essential sports in Pakistan, where the love of Pakistanis for sports is still intact, and we will mention the most popular ones. 

Let’s start first with their passion!

A lot of passion for the sports in their nation

Pakistan is a country passionate about sports, an integral aspect of Pakistani culture. So many sports ignite madness and joy in this nation, not just one or two. Cricket is the most popular game played; hockey, polo, and squash are prominent too. Not to mention traditional sports like Kabaddi, which is also very significant.

Sports activity in Pakistan has increased with the participation of men and women competing in national and international championships. This leaves the name of Pakistan high as one of the countries with a strong competitive presence in the sports field. They have participated in the Olympic Games, the Asian Games, and the World Games, among others. 

Check out the top 3 most popular sports in Pakistan below: 

Cricket makes you think it is the most popular game in Pakistan

Cricket is an essential sport in Pakistan; every neighborhood and region has a cricket team. It is also one of the sports that are practiced at an early age. Every time there is a Cricket World Cup, the whole country joins in and gets infected with the excitement of watching their national team play.

Pakistan has won international cricket tournaments such as the 1992 Cricket World Cup, the 2009 ICC World Twenty-One Cup, and the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, and finished second in the 1999 Cricket World Cup and the 2007 ICC World Cup Twenty. The Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, the Patron’s Trophy, the ABN-AMRO Twenty-20 Cup, and the ABN-AMRO Champions Trophy are among the local events in which Pakistan’s cricket teams compete.

Field Hockey: Beat the gold medal record in Asia 

Field hockey is Pakistan’s national sport. Although the country has a crazy passion for cricket, they also love their national sport. The Pakistani national team is one of the best-ranked teams in the world.

Pakistan’s national field hockey team has won three Olympic gold medals and the Hockey World Cup four times. It’s a world record. It also holds the record for most Asian gold medals. Additionally, it’s the only Asian team to have won the prestigious Champions Trophy three times.


It is a trendy sport in Pakistan and has a lot of fans who practice it as a hobby. Its most outstanding athletes are Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan, considered legends of the sport, who have won multiple World Squash Championships and other competitions.

Women also have a strong presence in the sport. Carla Khan is one of the women representing the country and one of the most successful athletes. The Pakistan Squash Federation is the country’s governing organization. The Pakistan Open is one of the most prestigious sporting competitions in the country.


The world’s most popular sport is just a little behind Pakistani tastes. Football has gained tremendous popularity recently, so it has become a dominant sport for schools and universities. Although the Pakistan Football Federation has yet to be that strong in the sport, the Pakistanis are big fans of major European clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, and Real Madrid, among many others.

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