In an incident which took place Saturday night on the campus of UCONN, Senior offensive lineman Donald Thomas. from my new hometown of West Haven, CT, was arrested and charged with third degree assault and breach of police by the UCONN police. It stemmed from Thomas striking an employee of the Wings Over Storrs restaurant on campus.

Thomas was suspended by Coach Edsall for two games. He will miss the Rutgers game this Sunday and the following game versus Pittsburgh. He makes the 9th UCONN player arrested since May of 2005. He is scheduled to be in court on October 31st, Halloween, at which I’d have to assume he will either have the charges dropped or apply for accelerated rehabilitation like most of the UCONN athletes do when they get arrested.
What bothers me about this is that basically if you are a UCONN football player, it is ok to get into a fight. If you look, he was only suspended two games. The players involved in “Beergate” were kicked off the team. I know the “Beergate” players violated team rules but isn’t there a team rule about getting arrested or fighting for that matter. Just doesn’t seem right to me at all.