Well the picture here gives the answer away, but would you really think that Marijuana would be the number 1 cash crop in the United States? Personally, I would have thought it was corn or wheat. Definitely not the maryjane!

A report, “Marijuana Production in the United States,” written by Jon Gettman found that the marijuana production in the United States was around $35.8 billion dollars. The next two crops, corn and wheat, didn’t even combine to match that total ($23.3 billion for corn and $7.5 billion for wheat).

What this does now is open the talk for the legalization of marijuana by pot activists. Right now all the money from the sale of marijuana here in the United States goes to the people who will sell it not the US Government. Legalization would allow the Government to collect tax monies which could be used for things that were beneficial rather than support the drug lords and drug dealers extravagant life styles. The tax money could be used for educational purposes. It would also cut the amount of money spent on the law enforcement side of things.

There will be a lot of debate about the legalization as the study gets read by all sides. We all have to remember one thing. Marijuana is still a drug. Yes I know alcohol is a drug and is regulated by the Government but marijuana is a different animal. Also if it were to be legal, how do we tax the people who bring it illegally into the country now.

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