A little while back, I was offered a chance to try out the recovery drink Code Blue. Since I was just getting entrenched into my workout program at the gym, I figured maybe this would help me out after the gym.

Code BlueFor those who don’t know what Code Blue is, it is an all-natural recovery drink. It contains no caffeine and has three times more electrolytes than the leading sports drink. It’s designed to help the body fight dehydration, replinsh the vital nutrients you’ve lost, reduces the toxins in your system and also will help fight inflammation.

Code Blue can be used after the gym, after a long night of drinking and will also help you out stay hydrated if you’re flying. For me as I said above, I used it after working out.

I’ve been watching what I eat and during the time I tried out Code Blue I was in Phase Two of the South Beach Diet. So I was a little worried about the extra calories the drink might have. But there was really no worry as one serving of Code Blue has 40 calories (a can has 60).

If you’re not a fan of citrus tasting drinks, then this drink might not be for you. To me, it tasted like that first sip of a Fresca, a little citrusy but definitely something I could get used.

Over the course of 12 workouts, I drank the Code Blue at different points. 

For the most part, I drank it after the workout. I did try it once before the workout and once during. I can honestly say that for me it was most effective after the workout. Within maybe an hour or so of working out after drinking it, I felt refreshed. My legs didn’t feel as sore as they normally would (I walk around four miles on the treadmill every day). Whatever body part I was concentrating on that day at the gym didn’t feel sore either.

You know how sometimes your body feels tired after exercising, I didn’t feel like that after having the Code Blue. And when I ran out, I did notice the difference between not using it and using it.

I’ve tried a few other sports drinks while working out and after but to me it didn’t have the same effects as the Code Blue did.

So consider me a believer of Code Blue and what it does. I don’t drink alcohol all that often (once in a blue moon) but if/when I do, I’ll be sure to try Code Blue to see how it works.

Now if I could just get them to send me some more for free. I kid, I kid.

Be sure to head over the Code Blue website and check it out for yourself. You’ll also be able to find a store in your area that sells it.