Brady & Jeter

Is there another Boston-New York rivalry in the air? Is Tom Brady taking over for Derek Jeter as America’s Top Bachelor Athlete? Well, Brady is sure giving Jeter a run for his money.

Currently, Tom Brady has been spotted coming out of uber hottie and Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen’s apartment in NYC. She was also seen at some of the Patriots playoff games and was caught giving him a kiss as they got off the bus in Indianapolis. Before dating Gisele, Brady had dated Bridget Moynahan for 3 years.

Stop Drooling

Derek Jeter was most recently dating Jessica Biel until she dumped him for Justin Timberlake of all people. Jeter has also dated Jordana Brewster, Mariah Carey, and Vanessa Mannillo.

Isn't she yummy?

So what do these two “athletes” have in common? Well they are super rich, good looking and have a penchant for getting the super hot ladies. They also like to date A-list celebrity women as evidenced by their “black books”. As far as their sports accomplishments, Jeter has one more ring than Brady and both are the leaders of their teams.

So the question is has Brady replaced Jeter as the “it” guy to date? Judging by the paparazzi sitting outside Gisele’s apartment, I’d have to say yes. But what do I know? As I tell a good friend, I am only a blogger.

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