Can things get any worse for Britney Spears? Well according to just about every news outlet in America and the world is reporting that ex-hubby Kevin Federline has filed for an emergency hearing on custody of their two children. They previously shared custody of the two children. He is now asking for sole custody and spousal support.

Here is some interesting news from about the happennings of Britney on Friday night.

Terrified she’d lose custody of her sons, Britney tried to kill herself twice in the hours after shaving her head Friday night.

According to The National Enquirer, Spears tried to take her own life by walking into traffic, only to be rescued at the last second by her staff.

But that wasn’t the end of Britney’s self-destructive evening.

A short time later she was rushed to a doctor, as various media outlets reported, and the Enquirer reveals the reason – she kept saying she was going to kill herself and then taking too many Xanax.

“After she shaved off her hair, Britney had a complete breakdown and tried to kill herself,” an insider told The Enquirer.

The reported reason that she feared losing her sons was that K-Fed had said she would lose them if he asked for a hair drug test to be done. Fearing that, she shaved her head. He is not currently letting her see the children. I don’t blame him on this at all. They could be in danger with her right now.

You have to check out this list of job requirements that were posted when Britney was looking for a nanny:

  • Personal Over Professional

“Britney didn’t ask me one thing about my child-care experience. She only wanted to know about my personal life.”

  • Friend Wanted

“The agency that called me emphasized that Britney was looking for a nanny who was young and hip because they wanted her to interact with people her own age. Basically, Britney wanted a friend.”

  • Must Like Naked Bosses

“Britney asked me and one of her nannies to come to her room to watch her try on outfits for a party one night – then she stripped down naked in front of us!”

  • Must Act As Surrogate Mom

“One nanny told me that Britney will hold her kids for 10 minutes and then say, ‘I’m done now. You can take them.'”

  • Don’t Be Too Good

“She doesn’t like when Sean prefers the nanny, so she fires them and looks for a new one.”

All I can say is this. I feel sorry for her children. Somewhere down the road, someone is gonna say your mommy tried to kill herself and was strung out on drugs.

Kudos to Craig Ferguson, host of the ‘Late, Late Show’, for not making jokes about Spears. For those of you who don’t know, Ferguson is 15 yrs sober.

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