On Tuesday afternoon, UConn police announced the arrest of three individuals in the stabbing death of UConn Huskies cornerback Jasper Howard. On Thursday afternoon, they announced the arrest of a fourth person.

RIP Jasper Howard 1989-2009Christopher Mutchler of Wethersfield, CT was arrested and charged with first-degree hindering prosecution, interfering with an officer, second-degree breach of peace, second-degree threatening, and an act of terrorism. He was released on a $15,000 non-surety bond and is due in court on November 10th.

Over the weekend, we had heard that someone out there was threatening potential witnesses. And now we know that it was allegedly Mutchler.

According to police the posting was part of a blog created through Bristol-based ESPN’s U Sports Network and the second was on a Facebook page that “was created to enable individuals to leave their condolences for the death of Jasper Howard and was viewed by over 8,000 people. Police had reason to believe that the postings were instilling fear and preventing witnesses from coming forward.”

It’s believed that Mutchler has no connection to the other three individuals who were arrested in this case and it’s unclear of his motive behind the threats.

In this day and age of cyber crimes, did he think he wouldn’t get caught? When you leave a comment or make a post just about anywhere, you leave a digital signature with your IP address that can be traced. So unless you’re a hacking professional, odds are you’re going to get caught.