Boston Red Sox's Jason Bay (R) is congratulated by teammate David Ortiz after Bay hit a two-run home run against the Toronto Blue Jays in the first inning of their MLB American League baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts May 21, 2009 - Reuters Photo

The question of the offseason for Boston Red Sox fans is whether or not they will re-sign Jason Bay. The question remains where he wants to play. And if we judge from Bay’s chat at on Thursday afternoon, we still don’t know.

Bay stopped by and besides answering questions about his future, he also answered questions about his teammates and what it’s like to play in Boston and Fenway Park.

Hey Jason, what’s the most important factor for choosing which team you will sign with?

Jason Bay: There isn’t one important factor. The funny thing is that everybody has an opinion of what I’m waiting or or what I’m doing and I don’t even have an opinion, and that’s the truth

All things equal, would you rather play on the west coast? We always hear you are a “west coast guy.” How much will that play into your decision this offseason?

Jason Bay: The window for my career doesn’t last forever so limiting myself to one geographical spot really has no bearing on my decision

We have heard that Bay would consider the Seattle Mariners as he lives there in the offseason. With his wife being from the area and the Mariners having some money freed up from the departure of Kenji Johjima, the Mariners could make a big run at him.

Jon Heyman reported on his Twitter page that he thinks the Red Sox could offer Bay $15 million a year for four years. That seems a lot higher then what they had offered him during the season.

The question is though, will Bay take four years or will he seek five years?

Let’s hope Bay is willing to take four years and stay in Boston. Otherwise the alternative is Matt Holliday and it’s likely he’ll cost more.

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