In another “exciting” football game this weekend, UCONN was destroyed 41-17 by the Navy Midshipmen. Boasting the number 1 rushing offense in the land, the Middies amassed an amazing 464 rushing yards and 605 yards of total offense enroute to their win.

You know the game isn’t going to be a good one when Navy on its first possession of the game throws deep for a touchdown. That’s right one play, one TD. It seemed like deja vu in the second half, as Navy on its first possession busted open a long touchdown run for a score.

Bones looked a little rusty at QB, going 15 of 37 for 176 yards although he did throw 2 touchdown passes. One of those was to Deon Anderson and the other to Terry Caulley.

Some observations from the game:

  • UCONN’s defensive line got manhandled by the Navy O’line
  • Teams know about Larry Taylor’s kick returning abilities as Navy only kicked it to him twice
  • Fumbles once again hurt the Huskies. The first one led to a Navy touchdown and a 14-0 lead.
  • Fans were actually calling for DJ to come back in and QB.
  • UCONN’s rushing attack did not live up to its 7th best rushing offense in the land.
  • Matt Nuzie didn’t miss a FG or his extra points this time.
  • UCONN’s punter Chris Pavasaris did an excellent job punting the ball avg 45.3 yards per punt.

Ok you know it’s sad when the only positive I can find in the game, was the kicking game. To me the highlight of the game was watching Chris Baldwin and Steve Drew argue over who would kick who’s butt in basketball. Chris bet Steve $5000 dollars that he could beat Steve in one on one. Chris also made a bet with Steve’s brother Jeff that he could beat him in one on one. So with me in the peanut gallery behind them, I said why not have a Baldwin brothers versus Drew brothers matchup. Stay tuned on that one. At one point Chris headbutted Steve and we all thought Steve was gonna have another meltdown like he did after softball ended this year. But cooler heads prevailed and things turned back to the joking yet serious nature of the conversation.

On a lighter note, my laptop is dead for the time being. So if the posts are few and far between right now, it’s only because I can’t sit for too long at the desktop. But I do promise to make up for that once the laptop is back up and running later today or tomorrow. Til then, be safe.