In Huskies football news this week, Coach Randy Edsall has announced that Matt Bonislawski will replace the ineffective DJ Hernandez at quarterback for this weeks game versus Navy.

While Bones isn’t as mobile as Hernandez at the QB position, he brings a confidence with him in the huddle. Bones doesn’t have the strongest arm but in my humble opinion is a better leader for the Huskies. With Bones at QB last season, the Huskies were 5-2. This bodes well as the Huskies have some winnable games coming up the schedule. While the loss to Wake Forest hurts, strong play by Bones could get the Huskies smelling a bowl berth again.

With DJ at the helm for the Dawgs, the UCONN passing offense is rated 111th out of 119 Division 1A football teams. Of course when he passes for 27 yards against the Indiana Hoosiers, you can understand why the Huskies are rated that low. But then again, when your running offense is rated 7th in all of Division 1A, your not really in need of a good passing QB.

My prediction for the game this week is UCONN 35 Navy 27.