The Red Sox celebrate after beating the Jays on Sunday afternoon.

This weekend could classified as a great weekend for the Boston Red Sox who took 3-of-4 from the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays had come into the series having won 10-of-11 games and had gotten themselves into wild card contention. Now after the 3 losses this weekend, they will most likely be joining 22 other teams on the golf courses and vacation spots around the world.

Jon Lester continues to shine in front of our eyes. The 24-year old lefty once again dominated another team from start to finish. Other than the blip in the 1st inning, Lester’s stuff was phenomenal. He had good action on his cutter and great command and location of his fastball. And to think the Red Sox were considering trading him for Johan Santana last offseason.  He truly is becoming the ace of the Red Sox staff.

“We are very, very proud of the way he is pitching. He’s turning into an elite guy,” Mike Lowell said. “You combine that with going into the postseason with Josh (Beckett) and Daisuke (Matsuzaka), that’s a pretty good group.”

It’s been fun watching him this season and he will get these same Blue Jays again this weekend.

Jonathan Papelbon isn’t too concerned about his recent troubles on the mound.

Blue Jays reliever Scott Downs could be out for the season after reinjuring his ankle on Saturday night.

The Red Sox and Rays are both ready for the big series that starts tonight.

Around the Bases takes a look at the players the Red Sox have under their control for 2009.

Julio Lugo will join the Red Sox on their 6-game road trip.

The Red Sox could be interested in acquiring Jarrod Saltalamacchia during the offseason.

Olympic silver medalist Alicia Sacramone will be the guest of Jed Lowrie at an upcoming Red Sox game.

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